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Serving Kansas, Colorado, New Mexico, Oklahoma and California.

The Farm Credit System serves farmers, ranchers, aquatic producers and rural homeowners as well as farm-related businesses, agricultural cooperatives and rural utilities.

Farmers & Ranchers

For nearly 100 years Farm Credit has provided financing to farmers and ranchers across America. The System serves a wide spectrum of agriculture including: part-time farmers, small, traditional producers, multi-family commercial operations and large, vertically integrated operations. Most Farm Credit associations provide:
  • Real Estate Financing
  • Operating Financing
  • Leasing Equipment Financing
  • Real Estate
  • Appraisals
  • Crop Insurance

Young, Beginning, and Small Producers Program (YBS)

Young, beginning and small producers are vital to the economic health of agriculture and rural communities. Farm Credit offers several programs to help these producers get started and remain successful in their farming and ranching businesses.

Rural Home Owners

As part of Farm Credit's mission to serve rural America, we provide financing for people who live in rural communities with a population of less than 2,500.


Farm Credit serves a broad cross section of companies involved in the food and fiber industries. Our agribusiness customers range from local and regional agricultural cooperatives to large individual producers and multi-national corporate enterprises involved in every facet of the food chain – production, processing, marketing and distribution. Farm Credit’s significant lending capacity and direct access to capital markets mean we can provide diverse loan packages for any size business.

Agricultural Cooperatives

Agricultural cooperatives are involved in every facet of the nation’s food and fiber industries. Cooperatives supply farmers and ranchers with feed, fuel and fertilizer. They also play a pivotal role in the processing, marketing and distribution of agricultural products.

Rural Infrastructure Cooperatives

Across the country, we work with cooperatives and other rural utility companies that provide energy, communications, and waste water infrastructure. Farm Credit provides financing to: Extend electric service to residential and business customers Install new transmission lines Build renewable energy generation facilities Upgrade rural water systems Expand fiber optic networks, and to diversify service offerings to include wireless technology and satellite TV

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